Our Business

Mayfield operates across a broad range of property sectors; our principle activity is residential and mix-used development. We fund these projects directly of our own balance sheets or through joint ventures that we undertake with our selected investment partners.

Through our ability to combine development expertise with active fund management, we are able to structure equity and leverage debt so as to achieve above average market returns, which has led to our best in class status.

We have formed partnerships with some of the most respected investors and financial institutions worldwide, and our track record of delivery means that we are the trusted partner of choice for many major global institutions, listed companies and landed estates who want to gain greater exposure to London’s property market.

What we do

Market Awareness

Our widespread market presence ensures an extensive deal-flow and that we are made aware of opportunities early, usually on an off-market basis. This coupled with our continuous monitoring of the latest market trends and growth areas ensures that we are best placed to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Site Identification & Feasibility

We have an unrivalled network of agents which assist in our ability to identify development opportunities with the greatest potential. Once a site of interest has been identified our in-house professional team and specialist external consultants will undertake a vigorous scrutinizing process to ensure its viability and deliverability.

Due Diligence & Structuring

Once a lucrative opportunity consistent with our investment criteria has been identified, we forensically oversee the entire legal due diligence process with our legal counsel to ensure no hindrance exists that would prevent the implementation of our development plans. Optimum structuring is also provided for and is tailored to the specifics of the transaction.


We are IRR driven and achieve above average returns in part due to the innovative financing structures that we adopt, which are made possible through the specialist expertise of our in-house team, coupled with the strong relationships we have with extensive financial institutions worldwide, and our successful track record of delivery.

Development Management

Our ability to successfully execute development projects on time and budget is the foundation of our business and the cornerstone of everything we do. We have one of the best senior management teams in the industry and an in-house team of specialist which enables us to tackle any complex challenges that may arise and complete projects with optimum efficiency.

Sales & Exit Management

Maximising sales value is a key tenet of our business which we achieve by ensuring layouts, design, and specifications are best in class; we do this by working alongside award winning architects and interior designers, whilst carefully tailoring our offerings to our target market. We work closely with our appointed sales agent, and implement a standout marketing campaign, which ensures prompt sales.