Enhancing the built environment

Public Responsibilities

Mayfield Property Group is a responsible investor, developer and asset manager. We are committed to creating and actively managing property developments that positively contribute to their local area and environment.


Mayfield Property Group recognises that its people are central to our success and we are able to offer a dedicated team of experienced professionals and support personnel.

Our corporate culture is one of nurture, committed to providing tailored training programmes to our staff and support to secure appropriate property and finance qualifications.


When developing in-house or through partners, we ensure that all construction activities adhere to the highest standards as set out in the Construction Code of Practice. We also expect all contractors to be members of a Considerate Contractors programme.


Environmental impact and sustainability are important considerations in our society and we aim to design, construct and maintain our developments with that in mind. In the creation and building of our developments we carefully consider the impact that we have on the local and wider environment.

These considerations help to create sustainable communities through the application of aspects such as selection of building materials, energy efficiency, pollution, contribution to local communities and what benefits that our developments can bring.

Corporate Responsibility

Mayfield Property Group strives to constantly improve personal development, training, health & safety and other elements that enable us to offer a premier services at corporate and project levels. We also, actively seek worthwhile charitable causes to support, as a way to contribute back to society.

Through this approach we have developed a partnership with a leading charity to help local people into employment in the construction industry.

Health & Safety

Mayfield Property Group regards health and safety as a vital ingredient in its mode of operation and ensures that it is at the forefront of both its corporate operations and its development projects.


We believe that ethics in business are important. Mayfield Property Group has a long tradition of helping the disadvantaged through charitable causes and as a business operates within strict ethical guidelines.